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vintage nike trui, This is a difficult question to answer, at least for everyone. Select only a well-respected diamond dealer with high quality certificates and years of experience. We recommend choosing from the James Allen, Brian Gavin Diamonds, or Blue Nile inventories. Difference between color grades, the price difference is significant. For example, a low clarity eye-clean diamond will look identical to a flawless diamond assuming all else is equal. Eye-clean 2 Carat diamonds can be found but not as easily as eye-clean diamonds of a lesser Carat weight.It’s important to understand that all diamonds are priced per carat. The price of a 5ct diamond starts somewhere around $9,000 per carat (only referring to K+ and SI2 diamonds). Understandably, the price per carat on diamonds with better color and clarity grades would end up much higher. A wide variety of styles are available for 2 carat engagement rings. Here we offer inspiration for everything from modern solitaires to custom vintage designs. For example, this beautiful 2.01 carat H color, VS2 clarity princess cut diamond from James Allen is available for a price of $13,870.We have a team of highly skilled jewelers who specialize in restoration of antique and period jewelry who are experts at sizing. Feel free to contact our sizing department to discuss any ring you are considering. Please include your phone number so we can gather information to best size you. Most rings can be sized up or down one size unless noted and sometimes can be sized more.We can help you source diamonds and review them before a purchase is made.

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