A $106 RRP For 125 Ml (4, mennyezwti lámpák
mennyezwti lámpák, In uncertain times, many of us look to tarot readers and astrologists for direction. Thebe Magugu, too, sought a higher power. This season, I wanted to have a conversation with traditional healers, who have divinely been given powers to answer our most burning questions, and who act as a conduit between various realms, often by using objects of divination, he said about his fall 2020 collection. The theme of African Spirituality was reflected in sharply tailored suits and mod-inspired dresses that featured eye-catching prints of the symbols and tools used by mystics. Indeed, the way he takes the vibrant motifs of his South African heritage and places them on Eurocentric silhouettes continue to develop with every season. This clear, unwavering aesthetic leaves little doubt why he is a finalist for this year’s Woolmark Prize.

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