On Paved Sections, You Can Really Crank Up The Volume, تحميل كتاب اسرار التعرف على النساء الجميلات
تحميل كتاب اسرار التعرف على النساء الجميلات, Hom Browne alum, costumer, and self-described young witch on-the-go Jackson Wiederhoeft is debuting his inaugural ready-to-wear collection for fall/winter 2022. Titled Wiederhoeft Academy, the assortment takes the fantastical silhouettes from his previous collections, but makes them decidedly more conventional. His past five special occasion and bridal collections established the brand’s vision of melding fashion and performance, inspired by Wiederhoeft’s personal passion for dance productions. Now, the vision manifests in an exciting array of pieces that are both tailored and inherently wearable. Wiederhoeft Academy introduces several new categories, with a big focus on knitwear:

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