Cushy, But Surprisingly Squishy, polo lacoste andy
polo lacoste andy, Marina Moscone celebrated pre-fall and fall with a new short from director Stefano Ortega, and hidden clues were tucked within for how we ought to interpret the collection. Take, for starters, the format. Shot on Super 8, that go-to throwback from the '60s, there was nostalgia seeping out of every frame, a fitting lens for the touches of school uniform tailored throughout (like plaid, pleats, and an artfully arranged rugby shirt). The soundtrack accompanying the mini flick was an energized drumroll, prepping us for, well, who really knows what's to come anymore? Compared to September, when designers seemed intent on showcasing answers to the new normal, her fall had a get-set-for-anything attitude, with clothes for staying in and options for going out. No matter what's on the docket for next fall, we'll be dressed and ready.

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